The mission of The Compassionate Friends in Australia is to offer and provide friendship and support to bereaved parents and their families following the death of child at any age and from any cause.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for all Australian bereaved parents and their families to be provided with appropriate support following the death of child. We implement this vision by:

  • increasing awareness of the services provided by the Compassionate Friends in Australia
  • increasing collaboration and communication between the various TCF organisations throughout Australia
  • providing technology-based solutions to the problems imposed on the delivery of our services by the geography of Australia and our dispersed population.


The Compassionate Friends Australia was incorporated in October 2009 and registered in Victoria with ACN:139 913 456. 

The Compassionate Friends Australia Limited was registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission in October 2014 and is entiltled to display the ACNC tick mark below.


We have a Board of Directors that consists of Executive Directors responsible for the operation of TCF Australia and Directors nominated by State-based TCF organisations to represent those organisations.


The extract, below, is from the Constitution at the time of incorporation states the objectives of TCF Australia. 

The Company is established for the principal objects as follows:


To offer and provide support and friendship to any person who is a bereaved parent, or to the parent of such a person (that is, bereaved grandparents) or to another child of such a person (that is, surviving siblings) and, in particular, to assist and support those people in the grief and trauma which follows the death (from any cause or at any age) of a child;


To promote widely, and to provide education and training in respect of, the special needs of bereaved parents, bereaved grandparents and surviving siblings;


To uphold the Seven Principles of, and to promote and foster, the Compassionate Friends International;


To strengthen and co-ordinate relations between and the activities of TCF Chapters throughout Australia, with a view to developing stronger and efficient collaboration in areas that will contribute to all Chapters, and for the better support of bereaved parents, bereaved grandparents and surviving siblings within those Chapters;


To purchase, acquire, hold, maintain, lease and dispose of any real or personal property, and to install, purchase, lease or hire any appliances, for the use and purposes of the Company, and to mortgage or pledge the same as security for a loan at interest or otherwise as may be considered expedient;


To enter into agreements with Federal, State or Local Government Authorities in relation to any matter in furtherance of any other of these objects;


To raise funds in the furtherance of these objects and to receive and accept donations, endowment and gifts of money, lands, hereditaments, stocks, funds, shares, securities and other assets whatsoever;


To borrow or raise money with or without security by means of overdraft or otherwise, for the purposes of the Company;


To invest and vary the investment of any moneys of the Company in real estate and in any form of investment authorised by the law for the time being of any State or Territory of Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia for the investment of funds, including Trust funds, and also to invest in any shares, stock, debentures or other securities in any public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and any other stock exchange;


To establish, or assist in the establishment or support of, any association, company or trust established or to be established by the Company for similar purposes, and for such purpose to transfer any of the property of the Company whether real or personal, by sale or gift to any such association, company or trust;


To sponsor, promote, organise, coordinate and facilitate any activities which are similar to or are in furtherance of the principal objects hereof;


To join any association or industry group with objects similar to the principal objects hereof, or which have objects or activities directed to or concerned with organisations with similar objects to the Company;


To engage in any educational activity, promotion or cause which has purposes of or incidental to, or similar to, the principal objects hereof; and


To do all such acts, matters and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Company.